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We offer an extensive selection of meat products to meet the needs of deli, foodservice, and specialty retail customers, including a comprehensive deli meat program, fine charcuterie and pate, and center-of-the-plate options such as seafood, chicken, pork, beef, veal, and duck. For the pizza operator we stock a great range of raw and precooked meat toppings to choose from.

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27909 BRAUNSCHWEIGER Bavarian Meats 2/3.25 LB Special Order
27941 LOMO IBERICO BELLOTA IN TUBE Fermin Usa 4/1.25 LB Retail, Stocked
25714 PORCHETTA ROASTED PORK LOIN Principe Foods 1/12.375 LB Special Order
48169 PORK BATTERED CRISPY COOKED Innovasian Cuisine 6/2 LB Stocked
37754 PORK BBQ SLCD YANGTZE FROZ 1PC Yangtze 20/17-20 OZ Stocked
28552 PORK BUTT BRAISED BONELESS Bonewerks 3/6.25 LB Special Order
28271 PORK MEDALLIONS MUSTARD HERB Bonewerks 20/9 OZ Special Order
37950 PORK RIB PATTIES BBQ 774 Kings Command 64/3.75 oz Stocked
28272 PORK SHANKS BRAISED CLASSIC Bonewerks 12/19 OZ Special Order
37704 PORK SHREDDED Clover Specialty 3/5# CASE Stocked