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Specialty Sales & Education

The Peterson Company is committed to sourcing the finest specialty foods available and helping you incorporate the latest food trends into your menu or onto your shelves. Our sourcing team regularly travels to Europe to meet with new producers and develop products with our partners for the US market, and we attend regional, national, and international trade shows to seek out the best new products and trends to share with you!

Because we carry a wide array of unique and cutting-edge products, we recognize that education, sampling, and training are vital to helping you successfully introduce these exciting new items to your own customers. As a resource to you, we have four product specialists on staff who are experts in our largest and most complex product categories, and who are available to provide information and education in their areas of expertise. Check out their profiles below and read more about the services that each of them can provide to support your business:

Garrett AbelGarrett Abel is our Specialty Cheese and Charcuterie program director and works closely with Izzy, our Cheese Truck Sales Representative, and Gabriele, our Italian Product Specialist, to manage the Peterson portfolio of specialty foods. His enthusiasm for artisanal foods and incredible working knowledge of our specialty cheese and charcuterie portfolio makes Garrett a great resource to both you and our sales team for information about the many unique and beautiful specialty cheeses and meats we source from around the world. He works in tandem with our sourcing team, and our specialty producers and vendors, to learn about how each product is produced and aged, which special characteristics and value are offered by each unique cheese and meat, and the best methods for storage and preparation in a retail or restaurant environment. Garrett can work together with your sales rep to provide you with specialty cheese and charcuterie education, tips for proper handling, merchandising advice, ideas for complimentary pairing and cross-selling, and assistance with planning a well-rounded selection to freshen up your case or menu flight!

Garrett in one word: culinarian. He joined the Peterson team in 2015 and brings with him a long history in the Seattle restaurant community. He is a Northwest native and comes to us from DeLaurenti Specialty Food and Wine, where he served as Chef for many years.

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Izzy CrevelingIzzy Creveling is our Cheese Truck Sales Representative and a member of the Peterson Cheese Team. Her enthusiasm for cheese knows no bounds, making her a walking encyclopedia of knowledge and a great resource to both you and our sales team. She operates the mobile cheese market known as the Peterson Cheese Truck, touring the Northwest to visit chefs and mongers and share her unending passion for curds! She’s also a seasoned monger with great information to share about best cutting, handling, and storage techniques for different types of cheese, merchandising ideas, pairing suggestions, and planning a well-rounded selection to freshen up your case or menu flight!

Izzy in one word: Queen! The Cheese Queen, actually. Izzy joined us in 2016 after connecting through Instagram (@thecheesequeen), where she chronicles the cheese life she has led for 6 years as a monger, ACS Certified Cheese Professional (CCP), and now our Cheese Truck sales representative!

Izzy schedules her truck route by appointment. Please contact her at to schedule a visit.

Suzanne DervaesSuzanne Dervaes is our Chocolate and Pastry Specialist and an essential resource to help navigate the breadth of our chocolate and pastry ingredient selection. She works closely with our suppliers to identify emerging trends and new techniques, coordinate educational trainings, and source new product additions to compliment our full range of chocolate and pastry ingredients. This, paired with her extensive product knowledge and professional pastry experience, makes Suzanne a tremendous training and informational resource to both our customers and our sales team. She can work together with your sales rep to provide you with baking, specialty pastry, and chocolate product information, tips and ideas for practical application, ingredient sourcing, and professional demo opportunities.

Suzanne in one word: cheerful! She is also a graduate of the South Seattle College pastry program and an award-winning professional pastry chef, with a resume that includes Salty's on Alki, Salish Lodge, and Alderbrook Resort & Spa, prior to joining the Peterson team in 2011.

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Gabriele AntongiovanniGabriele Antongiovanni is our Italian Product Specialist and works closely with our suppliers to source foods of exceptional quality that are imported directly from Italy or produced in the US with respect for traditional Italian techniques. With his lifelong love of great food, Gabriele is a wonderful resource to you and our sales team for information and training about Italian food production methods, cultural significance and regional variations, preparation of classic dishes, and ideas for use in modern cuisine. Gabriele’s particular interest in cured meats, which he is delighted to share with anyone who feels the same, makes him an invaluable resource in the world of salumi too, from regional production methods, to proper handling and storage, to correct slicing.

Gabriele in one word: passionate. It is his true love of food, which started in his mother’s kitchen, that has followed him throughout his life and other career paths and lead him to join the Peterson team in 2011. His deep passion and curiosity as a home cook inspired him to develop a tremendous working knowledge of food outside of the professional kitchen, and he enjoys sharing this every day.

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