Peterson Cheese

Cut/Wrap Facility

Cut/Wrap Facility

We operate a full-service production facility out of our Auburn, WA warehouse. This unique service offers you the option to provide fresh-cut upscale cheeses without the labor and cutting trim associated with an in-store cut and wrap program. Our professional production team is trained in the art of proper cutting of various shapes and sizes of cheese, and the cuts are consistent, well-wrapped, and visually appealing.

Opened in 1986, we are committed to sound quality assurance practices and provide our staff with ongoing food safety training and require them to maintain current food worker cards. We follow a HACCP program and pass all third party audits. These food safety measures are a high priority for our company and enable you to be confident in the quality and proper handling of the products converted in our facility.

Our production facility offers the following capabilities:

  • Cutting large-format cheeses into convenient half-, quarter-, and eighth- wheels and random- or exact-weight retail sizes
  • Handwrapping in breathable foodgrade film or cryovac for extended shelf life
  • Customized scale label pricing with flexibility in appearance and retail margin
  • Customized packaging options such as crumbled and shredded cheese cups, handcut gourmet chocolate, and packaging for custom-designed products.

We also offer cutting services at our Moonachie, NJ warehouse. Please contact us for further information about cutting capabilities.