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Promotional & Merchandising Support

Promotional & Merchandising Support

At the Peterson Company we believe we are partners in our customers' success, and that a three-pronged approach where the customer, manufacturer/broker, and Peterson work together to plan and execute sales initiatives is the most effective way to achieve sales growth. To meet your unique needs, we offer a variety of value-added services:

Retail: We can offer assistance with planning of in-store demos, participation in store events, promotional planning and execution, and merchandising assistance. We work with our manufacturers on your behalf to coordinate support tailored to your specific objectives. For more information about these retail services please contact us.

Foodservice: We offer special services tailored to the needs of foodservice operators, too! Many of our sales reps are also chefs fully trained in culinary arts and can work one-on-one with you to understand your business and provide innovative ideas, practical tips, and product training appropriate to your operation. We also have three dedicated product specialists on staff and available to work in depth with you in some of our largest and most exciting specialty product categories. Learn more by visiting our Specialty Sales and Education page.

One great resource is Tyson Danilson, our Specialty Truck Sales Representative and Charcuterie Specialist. He operates the Peterson Specialty Truck, which is a mobile artisan food marketplace with a rotating selection of upscale imported and domestic cheeses and charcuterie available for purchase at your back door. Learn more by visiting our Specialty Truck page.